The 5 Types of Essential Marine Lighting

courtesy boat lights
Courtesy Lighting Keeps Things Safe

Yacht lights come in many shapes, sizes and colors, and more importantly – they even have various types for all of you wonderful boating people to choose from. In this short piece we will talk about the top five types of boat lights and LED boat lights, explaining why a boater might want to upgrade at any time.

Let’s dig in.

Courtesy Lights

This type of Yacht light is a fantastic option because it helps to illuminate the inside of the boat. It might be difficult to see in certain areas of the boat at night or on an overcast day, but courtesy lights from Lumitec will help to illuminate those areas.  Yacht lights at night are perfect for walkways, entrances, steps, anywhere that needs extra safety while walking on a moving vessel.

Wall Lights

Interior yacht fixtures come in many shapes, styles and sizes. Choose the type that matches with the overall decor of your boat. These yacht lamps help to illuminate the inside of the cabin and other areas of the boat where it is typically hard to see. If you like reading on your boat at night, then wall lights could come in very handy in the cabin area.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are another excellent accessory for the inside of any boat. These LED boat lights will help to illuminate your boat and make it easier to see. There are oval ceiling lights, strip lights, dual mount lights, utility lights and so much more.

Flush Utility light

This highly functional boat light is an excellent way to illuminate your boat. It has an attractive look and style, and it can be utilized at any place on your boat that could benefit from lighting. Look for it in your favorite color and find one that completely matches your boat’s style.


No boat would be complete without having a handy spotlight available to use at any time. If it’s dark out on the water, having the spotlight will allow you to view the ocean or lake and keep you moving. Go full speed ahead without worrying about crashing into anything.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your LED Boat Lights?

Having high quality yacht lights is an absolute must for any boating aficionado. You do not want to get caught out on the water without having the right amount or right type of light. So if you do not have the best lighting on your boat, make it a point to begin upgrading today. Fix this problem before it becomes a serious issue the next time you are out enjoying your boat.